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Financial Accounting

Let it be your choice is MASS system of accounting, where the system chart depends onEgyptiancommon accounting system allowing a thread all accounts, and it appears the accounting effect once any action related to the chart .


When you have a number of customers and suppliers, you need a system that helps you follow accounts receivable and accounts payable in time and view their accounts and the size of their dealings with precision and speed. So providing you MASS system.


Most of the commercial activities of whose activity is based on the inventory, the quality of inventory management is a strong indication for the success of the institution. The program of the department stores is a powerful way to control and follow-up of the warehouses.

Cost accounting

It became easy. In manufacturing it is necessary to work through the system that allows you to follow the stages of production to identify the cost of the product. This is done through an integrated system is a MASS system.


What's important to you as a businessman are the reports provided by the system for you, accuracy and speed. So the Mass had provided a large number of reports whether the final reports or analytical.

Sales and order management

Give real-time details to customers Deliver orders on-time and on-budget Enable your employees to collaborate Add MASS to dynamically link processes, info, workflows and communication channels


We show you some screens integrated accounting MASS system which supports the language Arabic and English
It is used in a large number of companies

شاشة تسجيل دخول المستخدمين

Login screen

Allow authorized users, possibility to change the language, select Server

دليل الحسابات

Chart of accounts

Chart of accounts screen

شاشة فاتورة مبيعات

Sale invoice

storage , items, client, pricing, discount, agent,sale date

شاشة الاصناف

Items definition screen

Handling items, Add a new item, modify or delete

شاسة تعريف العملاء والموردين

Identification of clients and suppliers

Definition of customers and suppliers

شاشة اوامر التشغيل

Operating Orders

In this screen the opening operation of the raw materials

شاشة اوامر الانتاج

Production orders screen

Completing the operating commands

شاشة التحويل بين المخازن

Transfer between warehouses

Transfer of materials between stores

شاشة صلاحيات المستخدمين

User privileges

Granting user privileges

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We are providing technical support and follow-up to our customers and provide all serve clients and to maintain the continuity of work, and we offer through several channels may be technical support through sending engineers specialists to the work site, or through the Internet through programs that access to the client devices or by phone.
This service is available during 24 hours a week.


Personalization, sometimes known as customization, consists of tailoring a service or a product to accommodate specific individuals, sometimes tied to groups or segments of individuals. we use personalization to improve customer satisfaction, digital sales conversion, marketing results, branding, and improved website metrics as well as for advertising. Personalization is a key element in social media.
We provide customization service according to customer requirements and the requirements of the work to acquire full satisfaction of our customers product

The easiest way to manage your business

We have a system in an integrated accounting available with what you need companies whether its commercial or industrial or service which includes a number of interrelated systems such as:

  • the system of management of the sales.
  • The system of management of procurement.
  • Inventory Management System.
  • The system of administration of payments.
  • The system of management of the customer.
  • The system of management of suppliers.
  • The system of management of costs.
  • The system of management of wages and salaries.

Mass Corporation Team work

One of the most important what distinguishes us that we have a team work consisting of best engineers and accountants have experience of not less than 14 years. We do all we can to satisfy customers realize their dreams and their ambition

The top five clients

We have worked with a large number of clients in both the public sector and the private sector to the different activities either commercial, industrial and service has exceeded the 650 a client, this brief on some of them

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